Cadbury Heroes League: Absolutely Very Official Awards (Sponsored)

The Cadbury Heroes League led to some truly heartwarming and button-mashing moments.

With the Grand Champion of the League now crowned as Romello’s dad, let’s take a look at our highly official awards ceremony.

With everything from best bout to best coach, this isn’t one you’ll want to miss!

So, let’s get straight into the first-ever Cadbury Heroes League award ceremony!

Best Bout

Undoubtedly the best match for us was Tom Grennan’s dad against Sam Thompson’s mum.

The games were hotly contested, and neither duo wanted to relent, playing on right until the very end.

The game ended in a close 2-1 finish in favour of Sam Thompson’s mum, although the match could have gone on all day!

Both the F-Word and Logan Sama thanked the teams for a highly entertaining match, and our host Tom Deacon was even left with a dry throat from anticipation.

Regardless, spectators everywhere thoroughly enjoyed the close-fought match, and so it takes the number one spot in our Best Bout category.

Best Duo

The best duo award is highly prestigious, with all 12 teams hoping to take this one home.

However, we have to give this one to Romello and his dad.

The duo not only went on to win the entire tournament but did so in an incredibly dominant fashion, not dropping a single match.

As such, Romello and his dad take home the Best Duo award as well as the Cadbury Heroes League trophy itself.

Best Coach

Each coach played a vital role in training their family members, ensuring that they were ready to compete.

Sally Phillips’ son, Olly, helped his mum to a phenomenal semi-finals placement, pushing all competition aside.

Despite some in-competition advice from F-Word, Olly, along with his brother, did an awesome job of coaching Sally.

We’d be silly not to give the best coaching award to this tight-knit family unit, so Sally Phillips & co can be happy with this very prestigious prize.

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