Bungie Weekly Update 5/3/15

Within last night's Bungie Weekly Update, the creators of Destiny announced that there would be another update landing before the House of Wolves DLC drops. 

In the official announcement, Bungie’s Weekly Update writer Deej explained that; “There’s always another evolution in the pipeline, and just like the last update, we plan on unpacking the next one in detail before you download any of it to your drive.”

But before you all get carried away, Deej stated that this update wasn’t arriving anytime soon - “We’re still weeks away.” 

So what is this update? Honesty, we don’t know. According to the Weekly Update more details will be given in the next few weeks, with Deej stating: 

“I’m going to monitor their flight plan for one more week. Now’s not the time to put an ETA on arrivals. Right this minute, the best I can do is to make promises about future information.” He also went on to say, “I’m pretty confident that the weeks to come will play host to a very interesting conversation… We’ll start rolling out exactly what’s being loaded up for 1.1.2”.

A full round-up of Bungie’s Weekly Update can be found in Arekkz Gaming’s YouTube video below.

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