New Blade Runner Game Launching 2025, Claims Leak

A promo screenshot for 1997's Blade Runner game.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

According to a report from Tom Henderson via Try Hard Guides, we might see more than one new game based on the Blade Runner franchise in the near future.

The report suggests that 110 Industries, a swiss-based company, has acquired a licence that will allow it to make a Blade Runner game, which is supposedly going to release in 2025.

However, this prospective game isn’t related to the remaster of 1997’s Blade Runner game by Westwood Studios, which looks to still be in the works at Nightdive Studios and has suffered setbacks and delays in recent years.

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According to Henderson’s report, the acquisition of the licence was announced at the company’s new studio in Switzerland via a “brief cinematic trailer”, which revealed very little about the game.

Reaction to this information on Reddit from users in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours was rather mixed.

For example, user Different-Solution79 referenced Nightdive Studios’ game by asking: “what happened to the remake of the classic Blade Runner game?”, prompting another user to respond and inform them that said game is “still coming”.

Meanwhile, user NoahMeadMusic said: “I know nothing about the developer but I've been wanting a modern Blade Runner game for years. I was so scared that the Cyberpunk botched launch would turn off any publishers from investing in the idea.”

Others argued over the perceived difficulty of bringing the world and themes of Blade Runner into a game effectively, with user BizzarroJoJo suggesting that the ideal modern Blade Runner game “needs to be focused” and should opt for “something more akin to an Arkham Asylum”, rather than a traditional open-world foundation.

110 Industries has several other games currently in the works, including Wanted Dead, a “hybrid slasher/shooter” developed by Soleil, which is currently slated for release at some point this year.

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