Bioshock leaker claims the series’ next entry could feature a female protagonist and be set in Antarctica

A promo screenshot for BioShock Remastered.

A promo screenshot for BioShock Remastered.

While a lot of the current buzz around Bioshock centres around the series’ upcoming Netflix adaptation, which now has a director and writer, it seems some people are still focused on diving back into it in video game form.

With the latest entry in the series still being 2013’s BioShock Infinite, it’s understandable that there’s the appetite for a fresh title, even if it won’t be directed by Ken Levine.

Now, a leaker has moved to sate some of this desire by posting a supposed massive info dump on the new Bioshock entry currently being developed by Cloud Chamber, which contains a number of ideas that will be interesting if they turn out to be accurate.

Are you intrigued by the prospect of a Bioshock game set in colder climes?

Taking to Twitter, leaker @oopsleaks began a lengthy thread by claiming it contained: “EVERYTHING I KNOW AND (have) HEARD ABOUT THE NEW BIOSHOCK”, adding: “Do not take most of this information at face value, I (have) thought for a long time (about) whether it was worth sharing all of this at all, but a large number of people crave for at least some information from me.”

Starting off with the information they supposedly believe to be most credible, the leaker alleged that the new game was once in line to be revealed in early 2022, but that this didn’t happen due to “staff reductions inside the studio”, leading the title to purportedly now be scheduled for a release some time before the end of 2024.

In terms of the game itself, they claim that: “It's still Bioshock, with the same concept that doesn't try to massively reinvent/rethink/reboot the basics of previous games”, with two Soviet cities located under the ice of Antarctica being suggested as a possible setting.

In terms of characters, a female protagonist is suggested to be a possibility, fighting within a new combat system that’s supposedly been “diversified” with some new abilities and could change based on different types of terrain, along with some cameos by familiar characters from previous games in the series.

That said, the leaker advises of the supposed story and setting details: “take these with (an) enormous grain of salt. I couldn't find anyone who could somehow confirm this info.”

Despite this, the thread provoked some interest among users in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, with ARCHOUDRY saying: “It’s been too long without a Bioshock, really hope this game delivers.”

Regardless of how you’d feel about a Bioshock game that requires a big coat rather than a wetsuit, make sure to follow us for more coverage of games like Bioshock and Fallout.

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