Beyond Light: Bungie ViDoc teases Destiny 2’s future

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In a new 15-minute ViDoc, Bungie lays out its vision for the upcoming Beyond Light, and also teases future expansions and seasonal content.



Bungie ViDoc: Forged in the storm

If you’re a longtime Destiny fan or lapsed player, this is the in-depth look at year four you’ve been wanting to see since Beyond Light was announced. It’s pretty fascinating in the way it blends the old and the new, and Bungie folks seem both confident and excited about it.

This is our first real look at the revamped Cosmodrome — I spotted a section of the classic Omnigul strike in there at one point. And you get to hear the “New Light” Guardian, Shaw Han, speak.

The newly resurrected Guardian formerly known as Uldren Sov is present and accounted for, as expected, but he’s probably not Shaw Han. Instead, he’s wearing a new cloak with a familiar Fallen crest on it, and calling himself “the Crow.”


Back in 2015, Kotaku reported that Prince Uldren’s character model had been repurposed from another character’s after Destiny’s original narrative team, led by Joseph Staten, saw their campaign story scrapped in favor of a more repeatable experience.

“The writing team Joe put together was ostracized,” a source told the outlet. “The story was written without writers.”

More and more, it appears that the Beyond Light devs intend to honor some of that original narrative team’s vision for Destiny — at least to a degree.

“In Destiny’s original story, the Crow would have met the players in an early mission… and worked with them to find Osiris,” Kotaku explained.


“One person familiar with the original story described the Crow as roguish and charming, not unlike Nathan Fillion’s character, Cayde-6.”

Beyond Light goes live on November 10.