Bethesda E3 Shows Massive Fallout 4 Customization

Bethesda Softworks hosted their first-ever E3 press conference, and the developer really set a great tone for this year’s E3.

The much anticipated Fallout 4 was officially announced and teased with a trailer on June 3rd, but Bethesda dropped a ton of new information about the upcoming game.

Bethesda throws us into apocalyptic Boston and introduces us to Vault 111 in the most colorful Fallout we’ve seen.

Todd Howard, Game Director of Bethesda Softworks, discussed the attention to detail and time spent creating the latest Fallout world. Plenty of landscape and character concept art is shown in addition to a glimpse of what the world looks like pre-apocalypse as a door to door salesmen offer Vault-Tec security for your family.

What can you expect from the newest addition to the franchise?

  • Male or female character choice with easy character customization.
  • Continuing with the Fallout franchise is the fully open world with a plethora of options.
  • Dynamic dialogue options lets you choose how you want to interact.
  • You can give your dog commands to interact with objects. Have the pooch fetch items for you.
  • Expect the return of the franchise’s popular VATS combat system and features a more interactive PIPBOY. You can even play games and music on it! If you spend the hard cash on the collector’s edition, you’ll get your very own PIPBOY that works with the game and your smartphone.
  • There’s tons of added customization to this massive open world game. You can scrap items in the world to build the items you want and need. Deconstruct junk or old buildings to build and decorate your own home for you and your K9 companion.
  • You can build your own power grid and terminals to provide electricity for turrets to defend your wasteland settlement from those pesky raiders.
  • Customize your weapons. Add modifications to make standard weapons something even more powerful and fun to use. And what’s Fallout without power armor? You can now customize your armor too.

Fallout 4 is set to release this fall on November 10th.

In addition to Fallout 4, Bethesda has created a standalone touchscreen game called Fallout Shelter where you create your own vault. As the Overseer you control everything like a Sim version of Fallout. Inspired by sim games and Empire Quest, you can train your dwellers, teach the children, and get rewarded with lunch boxes full of loot. Manage attacks against raiders, rad roaches, and more. 

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