Aztech: Forgotten Gods Is A Latinx-Futurism Action Game Launching This Year

Mulaka developer Lienzo revealed its next project today, a 'cyberstone colossus fighter' which is coming to Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and PC later this year.

The adventure, which takes inspiration from anime and superhero comics, offers a unique look at Mesoamerica through a futurist lens - and a banging metal soundtrack.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods Is A Latinx Action Adventure Launching This Year

Check out the game's trailer below:

"Increasing reliance on technology rendered ancient gods remnants of the past. Soon-to-be heroine Achtli inadvertently awakens the colossal gods hidden underneath the city, who begin wordlessly destroying everything in sight," a press release explains.

"Crawling out of the rubble, Achtli finds a prosthetic artifact fused to her arm, and it’s…talking to her, claiming godhood."

"Join this newfound ally named Tez and bring down the gods threatening Achtli’s home. Rocket through the air with powerful blasts from the stone gauntlet, then clobber the towering giants to bring them to their knees."

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