ARK: Survival Evolved available on Xbox One 16th Dec

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ARK: Survival Evolved, the dinosaur action-adventure survival video game, will be available for Xbox One users on Wednesday, December 16th, via the Xbox Game Preview Program.

The Steam hit, downloaded by over 2.4million people, was initially scheduled for console release in June 2016, however, thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview Program, ARK fans will be able to gain early access by next Wednesday.

As expected with Xbox Game Preview titles, users will be experiencing and engaging with an unfinished version of ARK: Survival Evolved, however, in an interview with IGN, Jess Rapczak, co-founder and co-creative director at Studio Wildcard, confirmed that the Xbox One version will launch with “everything that’s in the PC version right now”.

In addition to this, Rapczak also stated that those who purchase the Xbox One Preview version of ARK: Survival Evolved will not have to re-purchase the game upon its official launch – which will be more expensive than the current $34.99 price tag. (Please note: no official UK price has been revealed as of yet).

If that wasn’t already enough, Rapczak also revealed that the Xbox Game Preview version of ARK will release with a Limited Edition Xbox-Exclusive Founder’s content pack, "including an unlockable bionic 'Tek' T-Rex skin, ARK Founder's Hat skin, and ARK Founder's Trophy.”


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