Are Twitter Servers Down?

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Twitter has seen major issues throughout the world with a massive server outage.

Unfortunately, users are unable to login to their account through the website, but some are having luck with the mobile version.

Update - 14:25 17th April

The website version of Twitter is now up and running.

Tweets are now up to date on the Twitter Mobile App.

Is Twitter Down?

The Twitter servers are currently down, with over 40,000 users blocked out of their account and many more stuck unable to tweet.

The outage happened in the early hours of this morning, but issues still seem to persist as we move through the day.

It's unclear when the service will continue, but we'll keep you posted with any updates.

Here's everything you need to know.

Is Twitter Working on Mobile?

Unlike the website, Twitter is allowing users to login on mobile devices, but new tweets and posts won't appear in your feed.

Sadly, this doesn't help those looking for the most recent news and updates, but you can still access old tweets in your feed from a mobile device.

Which Countries is Twitter Down in?

We know the UK is currently having major issues with the platform but other areas of the world are also struggling with live service.

Both Europe and US have seen an increase in outages throughout the day.

When will service return?

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed time for the Twitter servers to return back to normal. However, they normally fix major issues within the same day.

With a bit of luck, we can expect Twitter to return back to its usual service before the day ends.

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