Apex battle pass: Season 7 ‘Ascension’ trailer, rewards

More big changes are coming to Apex: a new map, another playable Legend, new rewards. Which of course means it’s time to grind out another battle pass.

On Wednesday, Respawn uploaded a new trailer showing off the battle pass from Apex Season 7 — “Ascension” — which introduces a new playable Legend as well as the Olympus map to the game.

Apex battle pass trailer: Season 7, ‘Ascension’

“Immediately unlock the Legendary Prowler Polished Perfection when you pick up the Battle Pass, along with three new Legend skins,” the game’s official website says.

“Battle through the remaining 100 levels to earn the rest of the rewards, including Legendary items like the High Class Wraith, Fast Fashion Octane, and the Reactive Cutting Edge R99.”

The new skins look great; Olympus looks gorgeous. There seems to be a polished retrofuturist aesthetic to the whole season.

It’s nice to see Octane, in particular, get some fantastic skins.

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This seems like a perfect time for lapsed players to jump back into the game.

Apex is currently free to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s set to come to next-gen consoles and Nintendo Switch soon.

Season 7 goes live in Apex on November 4 at 11 p.m. Eastern.

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