Apex Legends Season 7: Audio Issues Set To Be Fixed In The New Season

The countdown for the release of Apex Legends Season 7 has begun.

Respawn is set to release the update on November 10th and fans cannot wait to jump into the new Season.

Today, we received information that a set of long-awaited fixes will be coming to the game with Season 7.

 Audio issues with enemy footsteps have been a problem for players for a long time.

According to a developer, Season 7 may finally bring the fixes we've all been waiting for.

Season 7 Will Bring Fixes To Audio Issues

In a recent Apex Legends Reddit thread, Game Director Chad Grenier confirmed Season 7 will bring a number of audio fixes.

According to Grenier, the development team has made "lots of progress" in fixing the issues.

Check out his statement below:

"Lots of progress on fixing the audio issues. 7.0 will contain a handful of fixes, as well as additional debugging to help with some of the harder to catch issues. Several other improvements being worked on now that will come just after 7.0."

Audio issues are common in a lot of FPS titles and they seriously affect the player experience.

Although Grenier's statement confirms that not all of the issues will be fixed at the same time, it's good news nonetheless.

It's great to see Respawn are dedicating time and resources to fix the audio issues in-game.

Hopefully, Season 7 will bring an end to the audio issues as a whole and provide a smoother gameplay experience.


A new map and Horizon has been teased by Respawn on Twitter.

Check out our article that outlines all of the details here.

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