Apex Legends Season 6: New Images Of Bangalore's Heirloom Leaked

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Apex Legends' 'Aftermarket' event is set to release Caustic's heirloom into the game.

Now, the community has begun wonder which legend is next on the list for an heirloom.

It appears Respawn is looking to give every single legend on the roster a unique item that fits their character.


A recent leak has revealed an image of Bangalore's heirloom.

Previous leaks had suggested she was going to receive a Tonfa.

Well, this new image reveals a potential change of plan from Respawn for Bangalore.

Bangalore Heirloom Leaked

Previous leaks of Bangalore's heirloom had suggested she was going to receive a Tonfa.

Despite this, no model of the Tonfa was ever revealed, only a file name.

Now, trusted dataminers @Biast12 and @SomeoneWhoLeaks have shared images of Bangalore's heirloom.


Despite the image, no name for the heirloom has been revealed as of yet.

Check it out below:

Bangalore Heirloom #ApexLegendspic.twitter.com/co1VzcXSUq
— SWL (@SomeoneWhoLeaks)
October 6, 2020

According to dataminers, all mentions of the Tonfa have been changed to a melee weapon in the game files.

This has been disappointing news for some fans who were looking forward to the Tonfa's release.


A knife isn't the most unique heirloom in the world, however, there's still time for it to be changed.

We'll have to wait and see what Respawn have in mind for Bangalore.

Of course, make sure you take this information with a pinch of salt as Respawn could make changes at any time.


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