Apex Legends June 29 patch notes

Apex Legends June 29 patch
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends June 29 patch
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' latest season, Arsenal, has been received with mixed feelings by the community, with multiple issues impacting the player experience in Respawn's battle royale, with a small patch released on June 29 that will hopefully improve it.

Unlike other big mid-season updates, the patch deployed on June 29 is relatively small, with no buffs or nerfs to any of the weapons or Legends available in the game.

This patch, though, fixes some essential errors that might have caused plenty of issues from a technical point of view. Perhaps the biggest change includes Ash's VFX finally being displayed properly.

Apex Legends June 29 patch notes

Apex Legends patch june 29
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Credit: Respawn
Apex Legends is in need of serious attention

The small patch notes were shared by Respawn Entertainment via social media.

The June 29 Apex Legends patch includes:

  • Names no longer incorrectly appear when in Anonymous mode
  • Deaths outside the Ring now show in the kill feed
  • Quips now display subtitles when selected in Banner menus
  • Sound effects for Ash select animations now play correctly

As you can see, most of these are small quality-of-life updates, however, Ash's sound effects being fixed is definitely the change that the community will welcome the most.

Still, the state of the game is far from being excellent. While some thanked Respawn for fixing the aforementioned problems with Apex Legends, renowned content creators questioned when would other important bugs be removed from the battle royale.

Streamer LuluLuvely asked when would the cursor disappearing when turning on the new "lock mouse to game window" option would be fixed. Pro player Blasts also wanted to know, since they fixed Ash's sound effects, when would players be able to hear Horizon's ultimate ability.

With Season 17 ending on August 7, hopefully, at least some of the issues the community has with Apex Legends can be ironed out by Respawn when Season 18 rolls around.

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