Alone in the Dark's Halloween release date finally confirmed

A hole in the ground covered by somebody's silhouette in Alone in the Dark.

A hole in the ground covered by somebody's silhouette in Alone in the Dark.

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Among the dark horses of 2023's smorgasbord of upcoming horror games is the secretive Alone in the Dark remake. Widely billed as the first-ever survival horror title back on the MS-DOS in 1992, a next-gen remake is now on the horizon.

Thanks to a large-scale Alone in the Dark Showcase in the early hours of this morning (May 26), we finally know much more about the game, including its cast of recognisable stars, and its release date.

With big horror games like the Resident Evil 4 remake and The Outlast Trials now released into the world, attention is due to turn to the Alone in the Dark remake. Even better, you can even get a taste of the game right now.

Looking forward to some horror fun with Alone in the Dark this autumn?

The key takeaway from today's Alone in the Dark Showcase was the final confirmation of the game's release date. After months of secrets and no announcements to speak of, we now know the game is releasing on October 25, 2023. In a surprise turn of events, it's also abandoning previous-gen platforms, releasing solely on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

A faithful retelling of that 1990s original, Alone in the Dark stars Hollywood A-listers Jodie Comer and David Harbour. Each are playable protagonists, leaving you with a choice to make over which of them to play through the story as, with slight variations being made to it based on the option you went with. Think the dual Leon-Claire campaigns in Resident Evil 2, and you're on the right lines.

Adopting that Resident Evil formula, the game will mix puzzle-solving and combat, as well as plenty of duelling against some gross-looking enemies, ranging from sludge monsters to giant insects.

The most exciting takeaway from the reveal was the announcement of a prologue chapter, available right now on all compatible platforms. It gives you a chance to test out the slow, atmospheric horror gameplay prior to launch this autumn, even if it keeps the combat mechanics under wraps.

Though it's still a way off, we now know more about the Alone in the Dark remake than ever before. Regardless of whether you'll be pre-ordering or not, you can pass some of the waiting time by checking out the best mods for April 2023, as well as the latest Spider-Man 2 speculation.

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