Valkyrae explains that she's had enough and makes her chat members-only

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Valkyrae made it very clear to her chat that she is tired of how disrespectful and toxic a non-member chat can be. To keep out the trolls, she will keep her chat members only. Because non-member chats are free, people do not think about how their actions could affect others, making non-member chats very hectic.

For example, the video below shows how her chat's trolls caused her to cry over their comments regarding Black Lives Matter.

Valkyrae has stated that streaming on YouTube has been difficult for her compared to Twitch. A significant component of what she misses about Twitch was the moderation tools and the tools to handle the chat. Because the YouTube chat can't be moderated the same way it can with Twitch, Valkyrae has to deal with people spamming hurtful and disrespectful comments.

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As Valkyrae stated, she is done with this and will restrict her chat to members-only from now on. Her exact words were:

"Since the last stream, I decided that was the final straw. It's not a member vs non-member thing, it's just a respectful thing, and there are zero moderation tools on YouTube. I am not going to take it out of member's mode ever again."

The suggestion that she might allow non-members on a special occasion seemed more of an off-the-cuff remark than a serious consideration. It is unlikely that she would re-admit non-members without some means of moderating them.

Many streamers, including Valkyrae, dislike the toxic chats associated with GTARP

The BLM chat controversy is not the only reason that Valkyrae is turning her chat to members only. Valkyrae, along with the rest of the streamers, has been receiving many abusive and harmful comments in their GTARP chats. The chat became so unbearable that she stopped streaming the game altogether.

Valkyrae has been very vocal regarding the impact her chat had on her GTA RP time. When asked when she would return to live streaming GTA RP, Valkyrae responded:

"Imma be honest, I think I would have really enjoyed RP GTA 5 if I wasn't streaming it, but, I don't think it's worth the bad vibes. Honestly, people say just ignore it but it kind of made me not care to play it anymore. I'm kind of over it, yeah. I'd rather just play Valorant or something, to be honest. I would just rather play something I'm having fun doing."

Making chats members-only is the easiest way to handle toxic viewers, and without support from the platform, there may be no other choice. Until YouTube gives streamers like Valkyrae ways to manage their chats, more streamers will make their chats members-only.

Valkyrae has stated time and time again that YouTube should add more features for streamers. YouTube has not responded to the calls for help in handling these chats. If all this continues, the chances of Valkyrae renewing her contract on YouTube seem less likely.

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