Twitch forced to pay over 20 thousand in damages to Phant0mLord after losing lawsuit

Twitch has been embroiled in controversy since 2016, at the height of CS:GO gambling. During that time, PhantomL0rd was streaming his gambling on the popular site CSGOShuffle. It was on this website that the controversy began.

It turned out that PhantomL0rd had owned the website CSGOShuffle. One of the biggest problems with this was that PhantomL0rd was winning all of the lotteries that required cash to enter, which netted him hundreds of thousands of dollars. PhantomL0rd did not tell anyone he was the website's owner either, which left many feeling duped and accusing him of cheating.

It was then that Twitch determined that PhanhtomL0rd had somehow broken his contract with Twitch and banned him. As Twitch has been known to act unfairly toward its streamers, they routinely get away with it. It seems PhantomL0rd cheating accusations were reason enough for Twitch to ban him, which is hardly a reason to breach a contract over.

PhantomL0rd didn't take this lying down and took Twitch to court. For once, Twitch would have to defend their decision based on their policies. Twitch attempted to get the case thrown out but ended up in court, where they lost.

When discussing the amount Twitch should pay PhantomL0rd, he initially stated:

"My case is looking at 35 million plus in damages, that's minimum."

PhantomL0rd was initially going for a multimillion-dollar settlement but instead ended up with $20,720.34. There is no information on whether this is after attorney's fees and other factors have been paid. PhantomL0rd will be giving an interview to clarify what occurred and what the final number means.

Many are calling this a win for streamers because some believe Twitch is unfair. Still, one win in court will not translate to changes in Twitch's behavior. In the end, the outcome of the lawsuit will likely only lead to more restrictive language in Twitch's contracts.

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