Twitch allegedly has secret "strike guidelines" which were apparently revealed during their lawsuit with PhantomL0rd

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Twitch might be asking a judge to prevent the release of information brought to light in their lawsuit against PhantomL0rd. The reason may be that there is a secret 'strike guide' that isn't made public. Twitch may have lost their lawsuit because Twitch has a way to enforce that isn't in their Terms of Service.

Social media platforms often say one thing to their users and give moderators instructions on how to handle each action. The sword uploaders on TikTok have complained about how TikTok handles dangerous tools and that it doesn't make it clear how to avoid being taken down. PhantomL0rd claims that Twitch is also participating in keeping their rules too vague for users to understand but punishing them anyway.

Twitch has long since been accused of treating streamers differently, depending on their subscriber count. If the document actually shows that streamers above a certain subscriber count don't face the same repercussions as others, then that would be an incredible deal for streamers on the platform. If Twitch has such a document, they are liable for many more lawsuits.


PhantomL0rd will reveal everything in a live broadcast tomorrow

PhantomL0rd has decided to reveal everything before Twitch can stop him from discussing the case. Being part of the lawsuit, PhantomL0rd and his lawyers had access to information Twitch doesn't share with the public. PhantomL0rd seems confident enough in the legitimacy of his position that he is willing to share what he found out with everyone.

The broadcast is set for Thursday, April 29th, 8:00 am PST at this link. PhantomL0rd also claims that this will be one of many live broadcasts where he lets out Twitch's dirty laundry. At this point, he may even write a book before the judge stops him because he is on a rampage.

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