Bill Maher declares that watching Twitch streaming is a "f***ing waste of time"

Bill Maher showed his age by questioning the legitimacy of Twitch gaming, and therefore the Video Game Industry itself. Among others in pop culture, Bill Maher has not aged well. His fan base is as dated as he is, and as time goes on, his voice becomes less effective and easier to ignore.

To see how dated Bill Maher's Twitch opinions are, look to him questioning the legitimacy of Stan Lee's contributions to storytelling in all mediums to his help boosting Milo Yiannopoulos (anti-feminist, anti-muslim, and anti-trans activist and pro-Gamergate) through their interview. An archaic way of thinking blurs his ideas and opinions, and thus, he is constantly saying antiquated and often inappropriate things.

Younger generations have pushed against outdated ways of thinking with the "Okay Boomer" trend. Over time, the next generation will develop technologies and industries that could confuse the older generation, leading some more senior people to dislike what they do not understand. He made it evident by saying watching Twitch streamers was a "waste of f***ing time."

Why is Bill Maher wrong about this?

A common way that people have explained why Twitch is so interesting is by comparing it to something similar: sports. Athletes used to be paid so little they could barely buy food with their earnings, let alone get rich. As radio and television developed, so did interest in sports.
Playing video games for a living is no longer a pipe dream or fantasy; it's now a reality and a career path. What started as "Let's Playing" has become an entire industry. In the same way, television and radio established sports, the Internet, Twitch, and streaming have molded Esports into today's now imposing business.

How could a generation that was not exposed to this new medium (Twitch) comprehend its significance? People like Bill Maher can be written off as hateful, but in reality, he, like his way of thinking, is just becoming obsolete. Instead of pushing his way of thinking, he showed how dated he really is.
In the future, Esports and Twitch will keep on growing, and the video game industry will continue to be worth more than the music and movie industry combined. No need to be concerned about a night show host who just doesn't get it.

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