5 Things We Desperately Need In Destiny’s Next Major DLC

What does Bungie need to do in its next DLC in order to re-ignite the interest of lost Guardians?

In a huge announcement made last Friday, Bungie confirmed the arrival of three significant content drops, and since then I can’t stop thinking about all the new Destiny goodies awaiting us. As we already have some insight into the details of the first major update in spring, I’ve decided to focus our interest on the large expansion we’re set to receive in 2016.

So, what does Bungie need to do in its next DLC in order to re-ignite the interest of lost Guardians?

5. Make Past Content Relevant Again

When you look through the Destiny Map there are a lot of destinations that aren’t particularly relevant anymore. Take for example the Reef, which people only travel to once a week to pick up tickets from Brother Vance for Trails of Osiris.

Apart from that the rest of the Reef is pretty irrelevant at this point, along with other major content updates such as the Prison of Elders and old Raids. Bungie owe it to themselves to revive these destinations as they currently seem to be a huge waste of time and effort on their part.

4. No More Weekend Events

Some Guardians find it hard to play video games at certain times during the week, therefore having events or activities exclusively on the weekend may not be logical. Users who work say Thursday to Monday are not able to compete in events such as Trials of Osiris or even purchase anything from Xur. It’s another example of some players being alienated.

A simple fix to this would be to turn these two/three day events into weeklong activities, allowing players more time to enjoy every aspect of Destiny. Why not make Xur a constant vendor in the tower and split every month into four separate events. For example;

Week 1 = Iron Banner

Week 2 = Trial of Osiris

Week 3 = Sparrow Racing League

Week 4 = Prison of Elders

3. Old Weapons/Armour

New weapons and pieces of armour are another very exciting inclusion in any new DLC pack, but what about the old ones?

As it currently stands, Bungie are allowing old weapons and armour to be just as or even more powerful in standard PvP matches, while then making them terrible in Trials and Iron Banner, which seems counterproductive.

Bungie needs to decide whether old weapons/armour should be rendered useless or allow them to be levelled up and play a continued role in all areas of this DLC.

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2. Story - Wrap It Up Bungie

As we all know the story in Destiny is confusing, to say the least. It’s also all over the place and Bungie needs to finally put it to bed. This upcoming DLC will be the last piece of major content until the release of Destiny 2 and in my opinion Bungie needs to wrap the story up, throw it away and start fresh in Destiny 2. However the Story does need to end on a climax so Bungie MUST answer all the remaining questions and give us something unexpected and awesome!

1. New Raid

Yup, simple as that. This next DLC has to have something BIG and there’s nothing bigger than a Raid. Bungie shot themselves in the foot by giving us the Vault of Glass first, as it’s arguably the best Raid to date. So let’s re-capture the magnificence of that raid, focus it around the Cabal and make it the toughest one by a mile. That should give us something to wrestle with until Destiny 2.

So, these are the five things that I personally believe Bungie needs to look over for the launch of their next major Destiny expansion. If some of these alterations aren’t implemented, I feel that Bungie may have a slightly tougher time convincing people to come back for Destiny 2.

What do you think? What else needs to be fixed/added to Destiny’s next DLC?

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