Will Smith Is Coming To Fortnite

Recent leaks for Fortnite have confirmed that Will Smith's character from Bad Boys, Mike Lowrey is all set to make an in-game appearance. After the "Bim Bam toi" in-game emote was leaked, multiple speculations suggested that the character performing the move looks identical to Will Smith.

Fortunately, data miners have since confirmed that Fortnite will be getting a Will Smith-themed outfit that matches the actor's appearance from Bad Boys' Mike Lowrey.

Will Smith in Fortnite

Since he last appeared in the Men in Black franchise, this is the first time that Will Smith could be appearing in a video game. However, given that there has been no confirmation from Epic Games regarding the same, it is extremely difficult to determine when the emote and outfit will become available for players.

Having said that, the Fortnite community is highly excited to witness one of everyone's favorite actor in their favorite game. Another question which remains to be asked is whether Will Smith's Mike Lowrey character will have any role to play in Fortnite's storyline or not.

Until and unless Epic Games comes forward with official information, it seems certain that the Mike Lowrey skin from Bad Boys is a mere outfit collaboration with no further ties with Fortnite's original storyline.

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