Where to Interact With a Computer Terminal at a Mole Team Drill Site in Fortnite

The IO were never up to any good, and they don't seem like they'll be changing their ways. They've been running things on the island from the very beginning, and they don't want to give up now.

Since Chapter 3 began, the IO have very little to no presence on the island at all. However, there's a mole team that has been spotted on the island, and they're looking for something.

Here's where you can find the mole team drill sites in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Mole Team drill site locations in Fortnite

There are three Mole Team drill sites in Fortnite. You'll be able to spot some mechanical drills as well. They're digging for something, but we're not sure what that is.

Our main task as a part of the week 7 challenges is to interact with a computer at these drill sites. Our interaction with these computers could probably result in us sabotaging their operations but we won't know for sure.

Either way, there are three drill sites on the island. And here's where you can find them:

Fortnite mole team drill site locations
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Credit: Fortnite.gg
Fortnite mole team drill site locations
  • East of Logjam Lumberyard
  • North of Daily Bugle
  • South east of Greasy Grove

Once you're at these sites and you've interacted with the computers, you'll be able to complete another mission as well, where you need to eliminate IO Forces.

We don't know what these drill sites hold, so be on your guard looper!

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