Where To Find The Ghost And Shadow Ruins In Fortnite

Fortnite's Week 11 Quests have gone live and this week players are being asked to place a spirit crystal at the tallest mountain in Fortnite.

The two factions that took over the islands at the beginning of Chapter 2 are being remembered with this thoughtful quest.

As an Epic Quest, players can earn 24,000 XP for finding these two hideouts.

Here's where to find the Ghost and Shadow ruins.

Where To Find The Ghost And Shadow Ruins

The Ghost ruins can be found on Shark Island, which is above Coral Castle.

All you need to do is land on this location and you'll make progress in the challenge.

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As for the Shadow ruins, you'll find the entrance to their lair to the north-east of Retail Row.

There's a small cove off the shore of the island that you will be able to spot.

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