Where To Find The Downed Black Helicopter In Fortnite

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As part of the Foreshadowing Quests in Fortnite, that will hint at what's to come in Fortnite's over-arching story, a new set of quests have been added to the game.

The first quest is to investigate the Downed Black Helicopter.

It's a very straightforward quest and will reward you 24,000 XP.


Where To Investigate The Downed Black Helicopter In Fortnite

You'll need to head to the big lake to the south of Lazy Lake.

There'll be a downed black helicopter to the northwest of the isolated island in the lake.

All you'll need to do is hop into a Team Rumble match, drop into this area and head up to the helicopter.

Interact with the helicopter with the action button (it will say 'Tune') and proceed through the interactions as you would with anything and you'll complete the quest.