Where To Find Dual Pistols In Fortnite

Fortnite's Week 11 Quests have gone live and this week players are being asked to deal damage with dual pistols.

The dual pistols were added as part of the 16.50 update in mid-week.

As part of the Legendary Quest, players can earn 35,000 XP for dealing 1500 damage with them.

They can then earn 24,000 XP for every 1500 damage after that; capping at 7500.

How To Complete The Deal Damage With Dual Pistols Quest In Fortnite

In the recent update, Rare and Epic Dual Pistols were re-added to the game.

As a result, players can now grab these powerful weapons whilst playing the game.

They can be obtained by searching chests on the island. As their rarity is 'Rare', they are much easier to find in Team Rumble.

Jump into a Team Rumble game and land at a spot with plenty of chests to stand a chance at finding them.

This is a Legendary Quest and it means Team Assist is on, so you can progress through this challenge with the help of your squad mates.

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