A Little About Trippie Redd's Fortnite Drop In Music

Fornite's new Toon Meowcles bundle features a custom Fortnite Music pack performed by American rapper Trippie Redd.

Drop In is an original Fortnite song, similar to Butter Barn Hoedown in Chapter 2, Season 5.

Trippie Redd's Drop In Fortnite Lobby Track

"Count my V-bucks, sit back, buy me a car or two."

Fortnite is no stranger to popular culture, with many emotes and cosmetics pulled directly from television, popular music, and even social media sharing sites like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Their Icon Series and Video Game Legends series of in-game items feature popular Fortnite content creators and title characters from classic video game titles.

They are no stranger to partnering with musicians, either, with concerts held in-game by Marshmello and Travis Scott in the past.

Exclusive music written for the game is fairly new, however.

We are not talking about the game's soundtrack here, but singles performed by artists exclusively for Fortnite.

While Butter Barn Hoedown was credited to "Mancake," Drop In is tied to a name many players are familiar with.

Trippie Red
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TRIPPIE: Could there be a Fortnite concert in the future?

Trippie Redd has not posted anything publically yet about Drop In or his involvement with Fortnite, but fans are eating up this new track with over half a million views on its YouTube video as of this writing.

Could this new partnership mean another in-game concert is in the works or is this just a one-time collaboration?

Whether it does or not, it certainly opens up a whole world for Epic Games to make money from.

I just hit the earth (Yeah), I just took a slurp (Woah)
I might take a nerd (Ayy), put him in the dirt (Dirt)
I just raid the store (Store), I don't see a clerk (Clerk)
Got the purple gun (Gun), hit him where it hurt (Hurt)

Toon Meowcles Bundle

Drop In is featured as part of the Toon Meowcles Bundle.

While it does not make much sense, it is there nonetheless.

Fortnite fans can pick up the track for 200 V-Bucks or as part of the entire Toon Meowcles Bundle for 1,700 V-Bucks, which includes:

  • Toon Meowcles
  • Toona Can Back Bling
  • Ten-Ton Toon-Bell Pickaxe
  • Squash & Strech Emote
  • Drop In Music
  • Fantastic Cat Loading Screen

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