Everything Wrong With The Loki Fortnite Skin

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The Fortnite July Crew Pack broke all barriers with the Loki skin. This skin paid tribute to the new Loki series that is streaming on major OTT platforms right now.

The Fortnite Loki skin is very detailed and depicts the Tom Hiddleston's Loki very accurately. However, the skin has it's own set of problems.


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Everything that is wrong with the Fortnite Loki skin?

Fortnite is a game of survival. And you can't really survive if everyone knows where you are. Think of it like this. Loki's glider illuminates a major part of the island in a bright neon glow whenever it's deployed.

Although it does give the idea of Loki making his way onto the island through the Bifrost but it's too much. The light can be spotted from far off and it paints a huge target on the back of the player using the skin.


While this isn't that big a problem during daytime, things get worse when it's night on the Fortnite island. Neon colors are bright anyway, and they stand out even more when there's darkness around.

Secondly, there is an issue with the very design of the skin. What makes the Fortnite Loki skin so attractive is the presence of those two horns. However, it's the horns that makes the skin problematic.


These horns are too big and prominent so it's easy to spot a looper with the Fortnite Loki skin from far. Not only that, these horns stick out even when a looper is crouched inside a bush.

To top it off, these horns make visibility difficult while aiming down the sights, especially on the left side of the screen. Now, most players aim down the sight while playing. Moreover, ADS is important in the final few circles of the game.

These horns make things quite difficult. The lack of additional skin styles for the Fortnite Loki skin is another drawback as well.

However, the community is hopeful that Epic Games will address this issue soon enough. Hopefully we'll see a fix in one of the upcoming updates.