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Fortnite: What Is A Legendary Quest?


Fortnite continues to be one hell of a money-maker for Epic Games, thanks to the sheer amount of content that players have access to and that’s without microtransactions.

While you can get the most out of this game through purchasing a Battle Pass or your favourite skins, players can also enjoy a ton of content without having to spend a dime, like the popular Fortnite Legendary Quests.


Fortnite: What Is A Legendary Quest?

These net players XP so that they can level up, reach higher tiers, and even gain V-Bucks or new weapons.

Legendary Quests are basically a replacement for the game’s Weekly Challenges, as they are still special challenges, giving players something to work for with just a small amount of pressure.

It’s something that fans of free-to-play games are used to, whether those are titles on current-gen consoles or mobile devices, they always have some form of weekly challenges that can give players something to gain.

We’re expecting Fortnite’s Legendary Quests to continue appearing in Season 6 since they are a proven success and fans enjoy doing them, whether it's solo or with friends who you like to play this game.

Sure, it’s fun to shoot your friends and random strangers with silly characters who do silly dances while on top of silly crates, but being able to accomplish some of these quests with other people is a pretty satisfying feeling.

Fortnite is now available as a free purchase with in-game purchases on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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