The Storm King Could Soon Return To Fortnite

If you've been playing Fortnite for a while, you would know who the Storm King is. This character is one of the main bosses in Fortnite Save The World.

Other than that, the Storm King was featured in last years Fortnitemares too. He's supposed to be considered as the physical embodiment of Kevin the Cube in Fortnite.

That being said, he's been gone for a while but there's a chance that we'll be seeing the Storm King soon.

Trailer hints at the Storm Kings return

This doesn't really come as a surprise to most people in the community. A major insider leak some time back told everyone that Kevin the Cube was going to make a return.

And if Kevin returns, it's unlikely that the Storm King would stay away too. To further solidify this theory, some new evidence was discovered.

In one of the Ariana Grande reveal trailers, we see the doors to the Mothership open. The music gets pretty intense as the trailer continues, and then in the background we catch a glimpse of the Storm King himself.

Although this doesn't solidify the theory, Epic Games never adds random stuff to their reveals. Everything is well planned out, and if the Storm King is in there, he'll be back in some capacity.

The silhouette of the Storm King in Fortnite
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Image via Epic Games

Now that we know there are things planned with Kevin the Cube, there's a chance that we may see Paradise Palms return in some capacity as well.

Paradise Palms was the POI were Kevin had spawned for the first time. Although it's unlikely that we'll see Paradise Palms return to Fortnite, you can't be too sure.

Overall, things are going to get really interesting once the Fortnite 17.30 update go live. It looks like the map will be receiving some really drastic changes in the coming few days.

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