Fortnite To Potentially Host A LAN Event Soon?

Fortnite competitive is nearing the conclusion of another round of FNCS, as the semi-finals and finals are all that remains.

With Epic announcing that all events of the duration of 2021 will be trios, we are getting used to the online compeition.

However, a recent update to certain game files has alluded to the fact that there may be a LAN event around the corner.

Here's all we know!



While Epic has already announced that they will not be holding any LAN events this year, a recent update to game files has alerted some fans they may have changed their stance on this.

This comes after a report by VastBlastt who noted that Epic has updated the live broadcasting code within the game files, which has not been updated since the Dreamhack Anaheim event last year. 


The Fortnite LiveBroadcasting server has been updated to the v16.00 build today!

The last time it was updated was in January with the v11.40 build, for the DreamHack Anaheim event


So, what does this mean? It is hard to really say as of now, but if Epic were to hold a LAN event within 2021; we can assume it will be for players and staff only and not open to fans.

We will have to wait and see, as this update could mean nothing in the grand scheme of it all!


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