Fans Still Unhappy With Team Rumble In Fortnite

Epic Games ushered in a lot of changes with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Team Rumble was one of the modes to be affected by these changes.

While most of the changes in the overall game were appreciated by the community, the Team Rumble changes didn't sit well with them.

Fortnite recently issued a hotfix as well, but that wasn't enough for the community either.

The issue with Team Rumble in Fortnite

You can respawn after dying in Team Rumble. This feature made the mode a go-to mode for loopers who wanted to complete challenges in peace.

However, after the recent changes, it's become really difficult to complete such challenges in the mode. This sparked outrage in the community. While a part of the community wants the old Team Rumble in Fortnite to return, a part of it is content with what it is.

The current state of Team Rumble doesn't give loopers a lot of chance to complete their quests. While this is believed to be a problem, many are happy as mentioned before. Earlier loopers jumped into Team Rumble, completed their challenges and left. This put their team on a backfoot because of the lack of team mates.

This problem isn't there anymore because if you can't complete challenges, there's no question of jumping out. The recent hotfix pushed out by Epic Games prevents the glider from deploying automatically.

There's a quest that needs players to travel a certain amount of distance with a glider. With this hotfix, it's difficult to complete this quest too.

A part of the community has been arguing that Team Rumble isn't a place to complete challenges only. While the other part has been blaming Epic Games for ruining the mode.

Here's what I think. The Team Rumble mode in Fortnite is a good mode for loopers like me to complete our challenges. The current state in which it is, has made it difficult for us to gun for our challenges.

Epic Games could introduce a mechanic that caused loopers to lose out on their challenges for quitting the Team Rumble game before it ended. Not only would this fix the issue with the mode currently, the community would definitely stop complaining about it.

However, it's just been a week since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has gone live. If the community keeps on reacting like this, there's a chance that Epic Games might fix it.

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