Fortnite: Get a Vanguard Squadron X-Wing Glider Now

The folks at Lucasfilm Games and EA have partnered with Epic for a fun Star Wars: Squadrons tie-in.

Fortnite X-Wing Glider

Between now and October, if you pre-order Star Wars: Squadrons from the Epic Games Store, you get the X-wing glider for free in Fortnite.

“Once you have purchased Star Wars: Squadrons on the Epic Games Store during the promotion period, log in to Fortnite with the same Epic Games account, and you will have the Vanguard Squadron X-wing Glider added to your Fortnite locker,” according to the promotion’s FAQ page.

You can also purchase the X-wing glider cosmetic separately, straight from the Fortnite shop, with V-Bucks.

If you get the glider for free from the Epic Games Store promotion, you’ll unlock the X-wing cosmetic across all of your Fortnite accounts linked to that Epic profile.

“If you refund your purchase of Star WarS: Squadrons on the Epic Games store, you will lose your Vanguard Squadrons X-wing glider in Fortnite,” the FAQ cautions.

Vanguard Squadron

If you’re unfamiliar with Vanguard Squadron, it’s not because you haven’t been paying attention to the more recent Star Wars films. This is an all-new group created for EA Motive’s new Squadrons campaign.

Thankfully, they’ve got their own Databank entry on the official Star Wars website.

“Vanguard Squadron operates largely in the Bormea Sector, handling pockets of Imperial resistance and defending key New Republic planets like Chandrila and Brentaal IV,” the entry explains.

“They specialize in rapid-response attacks, high-risk rescue missions, and ambushing Imperial capital ships, going by their squadron motto: ‘Fearless to the Finish.’”

It says, “Recently, Vanguard has been picked to tackle a special covert assignment.”

Star Wars: Squadrons

EA recently announced that all versions of the game will ship with HOTAS support, allowing players to get the full flight-sim experience with joystick controllers.

The game’s headed to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

As of now, EA claims there are no plans for next-versions of the game.

Squadrons is slated for release on October 2.

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