Is Fortnite Season 7 A Hit Or A Miss

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Fortnite Season 7 is performing wonderfully well for a lot of reasons. It's as if Epic Games has figured out the exact mantra to get a season right.

Before we dive a bit deeper and look at the positive bit of Fortnite Season 7, there are a few things that are still messed up with the current season. They've got most of it right, but the areas that they've managed to mess up does form a decent chunk of the game itself.


Everything that Epic Games got right with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

#1 Weapons

Let's face it, the weapon meta for this season is balanced. You have one gun that's more or less broken (yes I'm talking about the rail gun) but that doesn't mean you can't win if you're facing off against it.


The other weapons are more or less balanced too. And the RNG gods are being kind to us loopers this season. You don't really need to look that hard to get your hands on some good weapons.

#2 Collaborations

The prime problem with Fortnite Season 5 was the insane amount of collaborations that the game saw during that season. Although Fortnite Season 7 has had its share of collaborations, Epic Games hasn't gone overboard either.

Moreover, the collaborations in Fortnite Season 7 make sense. I still don't understand how Neymar Jr. ended up being the secret skin in the battle pass last season. That was a very weird collaboration.


I'm assuming Superman is the special skin for this season, and his inclusion sits well with the theme too.

I could literally count the collaborations that we've had this far, and honestly, I'm happy with them. And not just me, most of the community feels the same way.

#3 Theme

Fortnite Season 6 was a total disappointment. The story didn't make sense, the characters didn't make sense. Nothing made sense.

The main antagonist of the story in season 6 got zapped at the beginning of this season. No one knows why he did what he did. In comparison to the previous season, Fortnite Season 7 makes a lot of sense.

When you play the game and when you look at the challenges you get the sense that something's happening. The story is actually progressing during this season and that's a very good sign.

Somehow, Epic Games has also managed to rope in a few DC characters into the Fortnite storyline. As mind boggling as it may sound, it doesn't feel weird or out of place at all. You'll know what I'm talking about if you've read the Batman x Fortnite comics.


#4 Battle Pass skins

The skins in the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass finally feel original. Although Epic Games messed up the battle pass a bit, the skins in the battle pass have their own contribution to the storyline too.


Rick Sanchez is probably the only battle pass skin that's based on a collaboration, but that's okay. We love Rick Sanchez.

Everything said and done, after two really weird seasons, Fortnite Season 7 feels refreshing once again.

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