Sweaty Fortnite Skins

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Fortnite has made leaps and bounds in recent years.

The recent integration of modern-day cultural sensations such as Predator has been amazing to see.


While these skins are appreciated by certain people, some other styles of skins appeal to other players.

Yes, we are talking about the sweatiest skins in Fortnite.

Here are the ones you probably see more often than not! 

Blacked Out Superhero Skin

The customizable Superhero skin was introduced last season, and while the skin can be fully decked out to whatever color scheme you desire. It appears there has been a scheme that has appealed to more players.


This is the all-black iteration of the skin, we see professional players rock this every day and it is a nice looking skin all the same!


The fully-suited female skin was released as apart of the Benjyfishy skin pack over a month ago.

Since the popular player has dawned it as their main skin, it is nearly impossible to not encounter someone wearing this skin! 


Mogul Master

This skin was one of the most anticipated skins to return to the item shop in quite some time.

Now that it returned to the item shop a few weeks ago, it is increased in popularity ten-fold!


Soccer Skins

Last but not least, the beloved Soccer Skins are still running rampage over the Fortnite island.

These skins were the original sweaty skin, and they still appear to be one of the sweatiest skins within the game!