Fortnite's Ariana Grande Emote and Post-Rift Challenges Revealed

Fortnite's Rift Tour, featuring Ariana Grande, is only a few short days away.

Once it arrives, a set of challenges and rewards will also become available, including a free Ariana Grande Emote!

Fortnite's Post-Rift Tour Challenges

The Post-Rift Tour Challenges will offer players EXP as well as several different cosmetic items.

Of course, a new Emote to accompany Ariana Grande will also be available to players who complete all the Rift Tour Challenges.

The leaked quest list is as follows and is subject to change before their final release:

  • Play (10) matches with friends - 30,000XP
  • Reach top 25 with a friend (5 times) - 30,000XP
  • Use an Alien Hologram Pad at Weeking Woods or the Green Steel Bridge - Cosmetic Item
  • Use an Alien Hologram Pad at Risky Reels or the Sheriff's Office - 30,000XP
  • Complete (3) post Rift Tour quests - Cosmetic Item
  • Open (2) Cosmic Chests - 30,000XP
  • Complete (6) post Rift Tour quests - Ariana Grande Emote

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Rift Tour Ariana Grande Cosmetics

Epic Games has already revealed what Ariana Grande and her Back Bling would look like.

The above clip shows her Emote.

@FN_Assist just recently leaked her Glider, which appears to be a disjointed set of crystal slivers.

It seems all that is missing now is a Pickaxe to go along with everything else.

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