Fortnite Players Push For Rick And Morty's House In-Game

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Season 7 of Fortnite, which launched back on June 17, is a massive hit with fans, and players have a lot to discover from the aliens that have invaded the map. Now, the stagnation that players have felt is gone. Fortnite has grown in popularity and love since Season 6 ended. This has helped many think up ideas for the game.

In addition to exploring the mothership that hovers over the island, players have also been working on their weekly challenges to unlock new battle pass skins, such as Rick Sanchez. Rick is a titular character from Rick and Morty. It is a top-rated animated show, and fans have loved this collaboration since it was first announced.


A Fortnite fan drew Rick's house as part of the game

Some fans are asking epic Games to include Rick's house in the game due to fans' deep fascination. u/GreninjaNoah has been credited with designing the concept. After seeing a mock-up of Rick's house posted by GreninjaNoah, readers agreed that Epic should add it to the game, and the post soared in popularity over the weekend.

There is a possibility that Epic Games may see the entry and add it to Fortnite. From time to time, Epic gets skin ideas from the Fortnite Reddit, where some of their fans share their top-notch content.


Fans of the show will find this concept pretty accurate. This place would make an incredible easter egg, and we can't deny that it would be awesome if Epic included it as a battle pass skin since Rick is already in the game as a battle pass skin. As of right now, we'll have to wait and see if Epic decides this location is worthy enough to be included in their game this season; it would be a fantastic addition!