Fortnite Patch 3.07 Patch Notes For PS4 And PS5

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A new update is coming to Fortnite on the 2nd March - version 3.07 for PS4 and PS5 users.

The current season of Fortnite has been progressing smoothly since it released back in December, and now is moving towards the tail end of the season.

While there have been some decent additions since the season released, the real shining star has been the new skins added into the game.

Now, we are moving into the final weeks of the season and Epic has a few more patches in store for us.

The next one is the 3.07 update; which should be coming next week.

Here's all you need to know! 

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Release Date

FortniteStatus has confirmed that the new update will be going live tomorrow, March 2nd; with downtime beginning at 4:00 am EST, which is 9AM GMT.

Patch Notes

  • The Hand Cannon heads back to the vault, while another item returns.
  • New Island size in Creative & localized Featured Creative Hub support!
  • Rift Fish and Jellyfish re-enabled
  • New Portal added (Portal_SmallFry)
  • Team Rumble Unvaulted
  • LTM Classic Loot added
  • LTM Floor Is Lava Disarmed added
  • LTM Bodyguard added
  • New Zero point sounds added
  • An XL flat island of grid squares with beta access to the new, experimental thermometer
  • New Mesh for the ZeroPoint
  • Egg Launcher re-added
  • New cues added for teleporting NPC effects



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Loading Screen

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New Outfits


New Bundles


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Updated Shop Items

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