Fortnite Glitch Makes The Ferrari Fly

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Fortnite has a lot of glitches, and every new patch brings more. Some are not so fun, while others are awesome. This is one of the more awesome glitches.

Fortnite has recently given players Ferraris, which work very differently from regular cars. The boost is the most significant change and definitely worth trying out in weird ways. One of the more bizarre ways is making the Ferrari fly.


Fortnite Season 7: How fast is the Ferrari?

Fortnite has flying Ferraris

Fortnite Season 7 has brought flying cars to life in the form of a glitch that allows players to fly Ferraris. A handful of Ferrari 296 GTBs was delivered to the island as Epic's latest deal with Ferrari. Many supercars are spawning throughout the game, and players are having a blast driving them.


Players can trigger the glitch by building a few ramps. When the structure is ready, gamers need to mount the Ferrari and push the boost button at the end of the last ramp. As soon as the boost button has been activated, players must release it. The Ferrari must be kept at an elevated height immediately by hitting the boost button.

Getting used to the glitch may take a few tries. Even so, it's a fun way to catch some rays as you sail around the island. The Epic Games team rolls out hotfixes for Fortnite that fix such in-game glitches regularly. Therefore, players should visit the island and try this glitch out before Fortnite fixes it.

As opposed to other glitches we've discussed, this glitch is harmless, so feel free to try it out.

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