Fortnite Frosty Frenzy: Dates, Times, Prize Pool, Format, How To Enter, Winter Royale And Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite competitive tends to host a holiday-themed tournament called Frosty Frenzy, and many competitive fans look forward to the event throughout the year. Here is what we know about Frosty Frenzy 2021.

Fortnite Frosty Frenzy 2021 Dates

Unfortunately, even after several leaks, there has been no official announcement of Frosty Frenzy 2021, and it is looking more and more like the event will not happen this year.

Fortnite Frosty Frenzy 2021 Format

Frosty Frenzy is broken up into four Sessions spanning two days for each server region.

Each Session will consist of two Rounds, with only the top 500 teams from NAE, NAW, EU and BR regions and the top 250 teams from OCE, Asia, and ME regions advancing from Round 1 onto Round 2 in each session.

Competitors can compete in all four Sessions if they desire, so long as they meet the requirements described below ahead of time.

Each Session is independent of the other three Sessions across the two-day span. Sessions on Day 1 will have a different scoring format than Sessions on Day 2.

Similar to the FNCS announcement, Frosty Frenzy will be a Trios event.

This means you better grab your two friends and get ready to drop off the battle bus! 

The rules can be found here.

Fortnite Frosty Frenzy 2021 Prize Pool

The current Prize Pool is currently unknown, but the Winter Royale 2019 featured a $15 million prize pool across the world.

So, expect a hefty one yet again if the event takes place.

Fortnite Frosty Frenzy 2021 Register

There is currently no open registration for Frosty Frenzy 2021.

Fortnite Frosty Frenzy 2021 More Details

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more news on Frosty Frenzy 2021! 

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