Fortnite Exotic Weapons: Where To Find All Of Them In Chapter 2 Season 5

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has so much awesome new content for players to explore!

The season has re-implemented a bunch of weapons and items from previous seasons including the Charge Shotgun.


As well, there are some brand new weapons within the game, including the new exotic weapons.

These new weapon variants are among the most powerful weapons in the game, and can only be obtained in a specific way.

Here's how to obtain all of them! 



What Are They? 

Exotic weapons are Fortnite's newest take on a different weapon class.

These weapons are nowhere near as strong as the Mythic weapons, but the process in order to obtain one of them is trickier than a regular weapon.

We can assume Epic is going to add more of these as the season progresses, as the ones in the game right now are not the best.


But, nevertheless; there are five exotic weapons in the game right now.

They can be found all over the map, and can only be obtained through trading gold bars.

Typically one of these weapons is going to cost you over 1000 gold bars!




MikeDulaimi, formerly known as FNBRHQ has posted a helpful image regarding the locations of all the exotic weapons.

Here's a quick refresher about what kind of weapon each is: 

  • Storm Scout Sniper - Hunter's Haven 
  • The Nighthawk = Scoped Revolver - Zero Point
  • Shadow Tracker = Silenced Pistol - Dirty Docks
  • Boom Sniper Rifle - North of Craggy 
  • The Dub = Double Barrell Shotgun - Stealthy Stronghold