Fortnite: Dragacorn Glider Disabled

Released on April 3rd as part of the Deadpool set, the Dragocorn was a big obnoxious glider.

The Dragacorn Glider is a cosmetic, and that's exactly what it is supposed to be... a cosmetic. 

Every now and then, Epic will release a cosmetic that has properties that can affect the game, making them 'pay to win'.

Why was the Dragacorn Glider disabled?

The glider was disabled due to its animation making players harder to see in the sky.

The presence of the Dragacorn became so prevalent that it got labeled as a "pay to win" item, which obviously goes against Epic's policy when it comes to cosmetics.

When will the Dragacorn Glider be back?

The Dragacorn Glider has now been taken down from any competitive playlist. 

Epic Games stated that the glider would be back as soon as the fixes were made. 

For now, they've said that players who purchased the Dragacorn Glider could get a refund once the changes had been applied, without needing to use a token.


The cosmetic was disabled a week afterTwitch streamer SypherPK published a video explaining why so many pro players were using the Dragacorn.

"The ability to see the character and know where to aim, it has a very unique effect that's kind of clunky and makes it harder for opponents to beam you out of the sky," he explained."

"That's really important in competitive. When you're gliding, you don't want your opponents to leech you as you're using a Launch Pad towards the safe zone or in moving circles. It's not just a few pro players using this glider. Literally 80% of the lobby is using this thing. Everyone is using this glider."

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