Fortnite audio teaser baffles the community yet again

Fortnite dropped another one of their baffling audio teasers once again. This audio teaser has a really weird music playing in it.

Every time Fortnite drops an audio file, there's some secret message that they encode in it. And this time it was no different.

What does the latest Fortnite audio teaser contain?

Well first of all, it does feel like a seemingly harmless 8-bit audio. But it reveals a very interesting message at the very beginning when you conduct a spectral analysis of it.

The message that you get at the beginning reads as follows: "Universal Translator Malfunction. Fallback Audio Delta Encoding High - 1 Low - 0."

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If you follow the peaks very meticulously and use the key they've provided in the message, you'll probably come to this binary code:

0100 0101 01001 0100101 0100010

01000001 01000001 01010001 01010101 01001001 0101001 01000100 0100011

This random binary code does look senseless at this point, but you run it through a UTF-16 convertor and you'll come across a Chinese string that reads as follows:


Now, I know most of us don't know how to read Chinese, so I ran this through Google translate. And it translated the string into just one word "Permissible".

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I may be wrong completely, but then this is what it looks like to me. Assuming that this is what they're hinting at, what is permissible is a big question at this point in time. But from all the information that we have about this upcoming season, this definitely has something to do with the aliens arriving on the island.

That being said, we'll have to wait for some more time before we get more information on what this string actually means. Till then, make sure you get through those levels on your battle pass. It expires in one day.

I'll update this article once we've got more accurate information on this cryptic puzzle.

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