Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Trailer: Release, Full Video, Gameplay and More

The release of any new Fortnite season is a moment that we all cherish as gamers.

Epic has done an amazing job at memorizing players all over the world, and the Galactus event will be no different. 

Along with all of the new content released each season, there is also a brand new trailer we expect to see.

In the past, we have seen some pretty amazing trailers, including the recent Marvel-themed one.

Here's what we know about this season's trailer! 


Trailer Arriving at 12:00 am EST

FNLeaksAndInfo on Twitter has noted that both the Battle Pass overview and the Season trailer will be live on the Fortnite YouTube at 12:00 am EST! 

Previous Trailers

If you are looking for the sort of style that Epic tends to give off with their trailers, check out the last two seasons below! 


Chapter 2 Season 5

With the rumors that this season is about to be a Star Wars-themed one, we can assume that the trailer will be crazy, to say the least.

Expect the trailer to get leaked by data miners on Twitter before Epic posts it themselves.

When this trailer does get leaked, we will be sure to post it here for you to see! 


Leaks and Rumors

There is not much news regarding the new season as of now.

The only news we really have came last week when Epic themselves managed to leak the secret battle pass skin for Season 5.

This of course has been noted as being the Mandalorian with a Baby Yoda back bling also spotted. 

We will be sure to update you with any leaks/rumors we see in the days leading up to the new season! 


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