Why Is Fortnite Offline And When Will It Come Back? When Will Chapter 2 Season 5 Start?

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Fortnite's next season has seemingly been put on hold after the Galactus Event.

Season 5 has not automatically proceeded the previous Marvel Comics-themed season where Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, seemingly ended everything for those on the island.


If you remember back at the end of Season X we witnessed 'The End' event where a Black Hole consumed the entire island and everything in Fortnite.

The game was inaccessible for about a day before it came back to life.

But why is Fortnite offline? When will it come back? When is Season 5 starting?

Here's what we know and when you can start playing Fortnite again.



At the end of the Galactus event, there was an in-game countdown that notes that Season 5 will be coming at 12:00-4:00 am EST TONIGHT! 


Why Is Fortnite Offline?

The following content contains HUGE spoilers for the Galactus event and Season 5.


@ForkniteStatuss has been leaking a lot of content for the upcoming Galactus event.

On the 1st December, the expected end date for Season 4, the Galactus Event will take place.

After months of build-up (thanks to possibly the slowest travelling demi-god) Galactus has finally arrived on the island and it's up to the many Marvel heroes inhabiting the island to stop him from consuming the world.



Similarly to last year, during 'The End' event, this event is intended as a reset for the game and the map. It gives Epic Games a chance to do something new with a "plausible" storyline attached.

Why they feel the need to take the game offline completely is unknown and it didn't go down too well initially with players last time; many were afraid their favourite game wasn't returning.

The news was covered everywhere around the world and it's likely this is Epic Games goal - to get as much publicity as possible.


Should you be worried? No, we're older and wiser now and we know this is only temporary.

The next Season should begin on the 2nd December.