24 Feb 2021

Where Is The Chug Cannon Exotic In Fortnite?

With update 15.30 now live in Fortnite, there are new exotics to be found on the map.

Alongside the Quad Burst Launcher, the Chug Cannon has been added to the game.

Here's how to get the Chug Cannon Exotic in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite Chug Cannon Exotic

Remember the Bandage Bazooka? The Chug Cannon is essentially the other side of the coin.

Remember to fire the right one at your enemies!

Whereas the Bandage Bazooka can be fired at allies to restore their health from a distance, the Chug Cannon does the same for shields.

That means you can essentially give your comrades a slurp-style shield boost from a few metres away.

Where Is The Chug Cannon In Fortnite?

To get the Chug Cannon, you'll need to head to the house located to the north-east of Pleasant Park.

Here you'll meet the NPC Remedy.

Speak to Remedy and you can purchase the Chug Cannon from her for 600 Gold Bars.