Fortnite Galactus Event Explained: What Happened At The End Of The Galactus Event?

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Fortnite's next season has seemingly been put on hold after the Galactus Event.

Season 5 was intended to proceed after the conclusion of the Marvel Comics-themed season.


If you remember back at the end of Season X we witnessed 'The End' event where a Black Hole consumed the entire island and everything in Fortnite.

It all looks and feels too similar and rather empty. Just like back then, the game is inaccessible for a significant period of time.

So what happened in the Galactus Event? Who won the Nexus War?

Here's what happened at the end of the event.


Season 4 Galactus Event Explained

The following content contains HUGE spoilers for the Galactus event and Season 5.

@ForkniteStatuss has been leaking a lot of content for the upcoming Galactus event.

On the 30th November, the expected end date for Season 4, the Galactus Event saw the Devourer of World take on many of the Marvel heroes introduced during the season.


After months of build-up (thanks to possibly the slowest travelling demi-god) Galactus finally arrived on the island in an attempt to consume everything in front of him.

Unfortunately for fans of the Chapter 2 map, Marvel lost the Nexus War and Galactus consumed the island.

So what's happening next? Similarly to last year, during 'The End' event, this event is intended as a reset for the game and the map. It gives Epic Games a chance to do something new with a "plausible" storyline attached.

After a lengthy downtime, we will reportedly be getting a remixed map of Chapter 1 and Tilted Towers will return!


Despite a strong start to Chapter 2 and many players happy with the new map, it looks like the current one has run its course and is getting an overhaul.