Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Sweaty Sands Guide: Where To Drop, Best Loot Spots, Tips And Tricks

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is being hailed as one of the best seasons since the release of Chapter 2 over a year ago!

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With that in mind, here's the best way to make the most of Sweaty Sands, one of Chapter 2's most exciting new locations.

Where are the chests? What weapons will you need? Will it be busy? Whether you're a Fortnite expert or a complete newbie, we've got you covered.

Best Landing Spots

With Sweaty Sands not being a particularly large location, it's important to get on the ground quickly and begin looting. Thankfully, its fairly well spread out across the buildings and the beach.

The tallest building in the area is where you'll find the most bang for your buck, though, but the Pier often holds plenty of good gear.


Loot Locations

If you aren't able to get into either of those locations, the good news is that Sweaty Sands offers an impressive 34 chests – that's a huge amount.

With that in mind, you can't really go long, and there are plenty of materials to be found throughout the region.

Finding Cover

Standard Fortnite rules apply here – if you can go through houses that'll be a better option than being out in the open.

If you're caught by the water, keep an eye out for a boat and use it to reposition yourself.


Best Weapons

Mid-range weapons like assault rifles are the order of the day here, able to help you against enemies on the beach or out and about, while a shotgun is always handy to have for close range.

If you end up on the Pier with a sniper rifle, you might be able to pick multiple enemies off, too.


The Flip Side

With plenty of chests, Sweaty Sands does have a tendency to get a little busy. If you're prepared for a fight, it can be an ideal place to drop, though.

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