Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Retail Row Guide: Where To Drop, Best Loot Spots, Tips & Tricks

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Season 6 of Chapter 2 has implemented an ample amount of changes, but one classic POI still remains. 

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Here are the best ways to maximise your chances of success at Retail Row. 

Find locations of all chests, the best weapons to use, the likelihood of it being busy and much more in our comprehensive Retail Row location guide!

Best Landing Spots

Retail Row is one of the larger locations on the map, so competition for a good landing spot is often high.

The shops on the north-western side of Retail Row contain four chests alongside plenty of strong early-game loot to give you the upper hand over your opposition.

If that area is too crowded, make your way to the house found at the southern side of the map. Holding three chests and usually a lot quieter than the other buildings in Retail Row, landing here gives you plenty of time to acquire a strong loadout before heading into battle.


Loot Locations

There is a total of 17 chests in Retail Row which can be found in the basements and the roofs of the majority of the buildings in the area. The chests in the ceiling/roof sections are very easy to access when landing but it doesn’t matter if you fail to get one as there’s plenty of weaponry that can be obtained in the adjacent buildings.

Finding Cover

The best way of finding cover is to fully utilise the buildings and trees that are already there so you’re not burning through your materials early on in the game.


Best Weapons

Close-quarters weaponry is essential for success when landing in Retail Row. Combine a tactical shotgun alongside a sub-machine gun for some additional range to have a very powerful, yet mobile, loadout to deal out plenty of damage in the early stages of the game.

The Flip Side

Often a hive of activity, landing at Retail Row can lead to some very short games but if you are able to acquire a solid loadout quickly then there is plenty of success to be had in Retail Row.

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