Brie Larson Shows Tessa Thompson the Ropes in Fortnite

It is not often that Fortnite fans have a nice, wholesome story to read about.

Well, in addition to Brie Larson getting her own Fortnite bundle recently, the Captain Marvel star also sat down to take the time to teach fellow actress Tessa Thompson how to play Fortnite.

Captain Marvel and Valkyrie Team Up in Fornite

When two Marvel stars meet on Apollo Island, magic happens.

Brie Larson is not shy about her love of Fortnite, losing count of her hours played at over 300 hours.

Thompson has not played many video games since she was a child but is excited to share Larson's love of the game.

"You're not better or worse by being a pancake man."

The video starts with Larson showing Thompson the basics, such as skins, and has Valkyrie calling the shots while Captain Marvel plays on her Switch.

Unfortunately for viewers, Thompson never actually dives into the game herself.

The two geek out over the course of the 10-minute video, trying to meet both their goals of winning a game and taming a wolf.

In the end, Larson explains how she can not wait for Thompson to get her own console, so the two can play her favorite game together.

It is way too cute.

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Brie Larson's Locker Bundle

Fortnite Brie Larson bundle
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LARSON: Brie Larson's pack was recently featured in the Item Shop

Brie Larson sure loves Fortnite, and her bundle is based on her real-life Fortnite squad, the Bush Babies.

Even there is a Captain Marvel skin in the game, which Larson made sure to show off to Thompson, the Bushranger skin is one of her favorites.

While the bundle is no longer currently available, Fornite fans can wait until each item returns in the Item Shop to put them all together if they enjoy the look.

Locker bundles are gaining in popularity lately, spreading out through all of pop culture as Fortnite fans show their love of the game.

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