Apple Pulled in More Than $100 Million From Fortnite

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The trial between Apple Inc. and Epic Games continues, with both sides presenting their cases in federal court in Oakland, California.

Entering its third week, Apple's Head of Games Business Development, Michael Schmid, took the stand in the antitrust case.


Epic, having introduced its own system for in-app payments inside the mobile version of Fortnite, was kicked off the Apple App Store for violating the company's policy that all apps have to use Apple's payment processing system.

Epic sued Apple, saying the tech giant abused its power over developers, charging between 15% and 30% commissions.

The $100 Million Question

Fortnite V-Bucks
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Apple has stated in the past that they often featured Fortnite in the App Store, spending over $1 million in marketing the game and earning Epic Games over $700 million by doing so.

What they did not disclose was how much they earned from Fortnite, taking commissions from each sale in the iOS version of the popular battle royale game.

In his most recent testimony, Schmid admitted that Apple made more than $100 million in commission from Epic Games' Fortnite over the course of two years in the App Store.

This is important information, as Epic has pressed Apple on how they track their profits from the App Store, with Apple's stance before this being that they do not because they see the App Store as an integral part of the iPhone.


Apple does not produce a publicy available profit/loss statement for the App Store, meaning there is no accountability into how much they actually earn off every app purchase.

Schmid did admit that the App Store team did not track commissions on Fortnite until after they put marketing efforts behind featuring the game in the iOS App Store.

The trial continues, with Epic hoping to strike a blow against Apple in what they see is a blatant abuse of the App Store to take profits away from developers who wish to have their apps available on iOS.

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