Football Manager Will Not Be Adding Women's Teams This Year

Women's football has been on the rise for the past 12 months, with it's popularity edging its way into the esports world too.

Alex Scott has officially been confirmed as FIFA's first ever female commentator ahead of the release of FIFA 22, whilst it looks as though female players will feature in Pro Clubs for the first time in the upcoming EA Sports title.

There had been rumours circulating that women's football would be making its way to the Football Manager franchise, though it won't happen this year.

No Arrival This Year

Rumours had been rife that Sports Interactive would be adding the women's game into their Football Manager franchise ahead of the release of FM22 later this year.

The speculation had sparked widespread praise within the women's footballing world and beyond, with Chelsea manager Emma Hayes speaking fondly of the news earlier today.

But the wait for the women's game to arrive within FM is set to go on for a little longer, with Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson confirming that it will not be arriving this year.

It's not all bad news though, with Jacobson hinting that the women's game will feature at some point in the future by saying that it will be "coming when it's ready..."

How soon that will be, remains to be seen, but it looks as though we won't have long to wait before we can find out more.

More Information Tomorrow

Jacobson confirmed that there will be "more information tomorrow" with regards to the implementation of the women's game.

He has spoken passionately about wanting to add women's football to the FM series of titles in the past but cited that there were financial issues that prevented the team from doing so.

With women's football going from strength to strength, it seems as though now is the time for Football Manager to put their foot on the gas and get those female stars into their titles.

Whilst Jacobson has confirmed it won't be added in time for the launch of FM22 later this year, could we see it added in an update early in the new year?

All will be revealed tomorrow.

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